5th April 2012

Conflict -you cannot win
Chumbawamba -oil
Junkie Kut -we are the new control (feat. Luke griffin)
Crass -how does it feel?
Andy T -words
Dead Class -the best fighter in the town
Roughneck Riot -this is our day
Hated till Proven -black bloc
Keep Tidy -Simpsons Quotes –
Domestics -slave to clock time
Redskins -keep on keepin on
Napalm Death -blank look about face
Cardiacs -i am eating in bed
Rudimentary Peni -please help
Wild Man Fischer -i’m working for the federal bureau of narcotics
Wesley Willis -jello biafra
Irma Ved -what’s that in your mouth?
Andy T -?
Autonomads -nobody’s winning here
Citizen Fish -free speech
Pettybone -to hell with this culture
Benjamin Britten -out there we’ve walked quite far
Discharge -realities of war
Hanson Brothers -110%
DOA -general strike
Inner Terrestrials -run tings
Looters -professionals

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