4th October 2012


No Means No -Dead Bob -Alternative Tentacles
Hated Til Proven -Nothing (featuring Jim Sorrow) -TNS Records
Dead Pets -Cloning Sheltered Religious Ignorant Doorknockers
The Great Malarkey -Moneybags
Mayhem -Dogsbody
Steve White & The Protest Family -Pay Your Tax
Ste McCabe -Did You Really? -Cherryade Records
Suicidal Tendencies -Institulionalized
Vulva Underground and Lisa -C Rock
Nu Pogodi -Brutal Death Of Obscenity
Jezabellezza -RIOT
Thee Faction -Soapbox
Dillinger Four -The Great America Going Out Of Business Sale
Quiet Loner -The Ghost of Oswald Moseley -Little Red Rabbit Records
Pleasant Valley Children -Shouldnt’a  Sacked Him Bob -Flat Earth Records
Sonic Boom Six -Gary’s Got A Gun -Xtra Mile Records
Epic Problem -Battles
Negative Approach -Pressure
Rash Decision -Staines
Surrounded By Thieves -Get It Right
MDC -Multi Death Corporation
Nuclear Death Terror -Chaos Reigns -Southern Lord
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man -Red Top Bullshit -TNS Records
Last Under The Sun -OK Bye -Iron Man Records

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