4th June 2020


Nancy from Acorn http://www.acorntheunion.org.uk/coronavirus

Joe from 0161 Community http://www.0161community.com 


Gil Scott Heron -The Revolution will not be Televised

Austerity -Imperialism

Spillage -Morning Song

Dead Kennedys -California Uber Alles

Carol Hodge -Let Gravity Win

MDC -No More Cops

Bruise Control -Useless

Tozibabe -Dezuje

Tokyo Lungs -Shot Dead

Compos Mentis -Rock Stars

Chris Butler -Don’t Believe the Type (Recorded Live in Session)

Slagatha Christie -Dinosaurs

Eastfield -Turn that Noise Down

The Soft Pink Truth -Protest and Survive

Beatnigs -Television (Remix)

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