18th June 2020


DaN McKee author of Authentic Democracy


Killdren- Expect a Crimewave

Dead Kennedys- Kill The Poor

Strangely Shaped By Fathers- This Is What Democracy Looks Like (Bass and Vox)

Spillage- Indifference One

Andy T with Pete Wilson-Jolly Coppers on Parade (Live in Session)

The Chills- Doledrums

Bruise Control- Bruise Control

Crass -Bomb (rLr Remix)

Pizzatramp- This is your life

Nightingales- Everything Everywhere All of the Time

Carol Hodge- Semi Colon

Vintage Crop- Life and Times

Shot Dead-Fake Death

Dismembered Sound Booth- I Hope Just the Boring People Die

Spam Javelin- How Can You Die When You’re Already Dead?

Mollie Cule- Fruitless Faith and Footless Fruit (Live in Session)

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