4th June 2009

Chandrasonic from Asian Dub Foundation interview featuring:
Asian Dub Foundation: Speed Of Light (Punkara LP) Naive
Asian Dub Foundation: Target Practice (Punkara LP) Naive
Go Home Productions: Ray Of Gob (12”)
The King Blues: Let’s Hang The Landlord (Single) Field Recordings
Discharge: Realities Of War (Realities Of War EP) Clay
Potential Threat: What’s So Great Britain? (What’s So Great Britain? EP) Out Of Town Records
Kronstadt Uprising: Blind People (The Unknown Revolution EP) Spiderleg Records
Crucifix: Annihilation (Dehumanization LP) Corpus Christi
Orbital: Satan (Single) FFRR
Eastfield Derailed: Pedigree Scum (Songs from the Scrapyard LP) Baszdmeg
Chumbawamba: Coca-Colanisation (Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records LP) Agit-Prop
Chumbawamba: Invasion (Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records LP) Agit-Prop
Star Fucking Hipsters: 9/11 Was (An Inside Joke) (Until We’re Dead LP) Fat Wreck Chords
Rentokill: The Political Aspect of Unpolitical Thinking (AntiChorus LP) RUDE Records/ Union Label Group
Mischief Brew: Gimme Coffee Or Death (Songs From Under the Sink LP) Fistolo
Track for Thatch’s Dispatch:
Flux Of Pink Indians: Taking A Liberty (Taking A Liberty EP) Spiderleg Records
Chris Butler: Phone In Well (Irritant LP) Sore Thumb Records (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Eastfield Derailed: Money, Money, Money, Money (Songs from the Scrapyard LP) Baszdmeg

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