28th May 2009

Chumbawamba: Add Me (The Boy Bands Have Won LP) No Masters
Caul Bearers: Small Space (Six Rivers Compilation LP) Single Cell Collective
Bob Marley: I Shot The Sheriff
Chris Butler: Celebrity Bus Crash (Irritant LP) Sore Thumb Records (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Aidan Jolly: Radio Independence (State of Hysteria LP) Well Red (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Yo Yo Mundi: Sciopero (Sciopero LP) Mescal
Walking Wounded: Hackney Central/Murder Mile (Waiting On The Outside LP) Stovepony
Al Baker and the Dole Queue: My Granddad Was An Anarchist (Demo)
Steve Cope: Attitude Problem (Live at the OK Cafe)
Linton Kwesi Johnson: Making History (Making History LP) Mango/ Island
Conflict: Meat Means Murder (There Must Be Another Way Singles LP) Mortarhate
Asian Dub Foundation with Iggy Pop: No Fun (Punkara LP) Naive
Walking Wounded: Waiting On The Outside (Waiting On The Outside LP) Stovepony
Attila The Stockbroker: Asylum Seeking Daleks (Live In Belfast LP) Helmet
Ste McCabe: Hate Mail (Hate Mail LP) Cherryade Records
Eastfield: Glad To Be Gay (Labor Omnia Vincit Split EP with Destructors 666) Rowdy Farago Records
Sonic Boom Six: Arcade Perfect (Arcade Perfect LP) Rebel Alliance
Jeffrey Lewis: I Ain’t Thick, It’s Just A Trick (12 Crass Songs LP) Rough Trade
Anti-Flag: You’ve Got To Die For The Government (Die For The Government LP) New Red Archives
Le Tigre: FYR (Feminist Sweepstakes LP) Le Tigre
Danbert Nobacon and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts: The Last Drop In The Glass (The Library Book of the World LP) Bloodshot Records
Robb Johnson: She Lives In Slough (Tony Blair My Part In His Downfall) Irregular Records (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Casey Neill: Dancing on the Ruins (of Multi-National Corporations) (Riffraff LP) Mock Turtle Music

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