30th June 2011


Crass -Anarchy’s Just Another Word -Crassical Collection
Flux Of Pink Indians  -Punk -One Little Indian
Oi Polloi -Disperse
Nina Simone -Mississippi Goddam/ Moon Over Alabama
Dead Kennedys -Move Over Marin -Alternative Tentacles
Chief -Bevan Sent -Household Name Records of London
Redskins -Unionise -CNT Records
Oxymoron -Strike
The Scabs -Amory Building
Mark Ayling -Circle Of Life
Garden Gang -Closed For The Day
T. V. Smith -Dawning Of False Hopes -Boss Tuneage
Cicatriz -Cuidado Burocratas
Eastfield -Get A Grip -Baszdmeg
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius -Last Train Home -Sunday Best
The Smiths -London -Rough Trade
Oi Polloi -Systeemin Orga
Shitty Limits -Who Is This They
The Computers -Music Is Dead -One Little Indian
Milky Wimpshake -Share A Little Love With Me -Fortuna Pop

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