2nd August 2006

Le Tigre: New Kicks (This Island LP) Universal
Chloe Poems: London is Paranoid (Single) Switchflicker
Chumbawamba: Revolution (Anti-State Compilation LP) Overground Records
Chumbawamba: Smashing of the Van (English Rebel Songs 1381-1914 LP) Agit-Prop
Seize the Day: With My Hammer (It’s Your Life… It’s Our World LP)
Tracey Curtis: Nowhere Left To Play (The By-Pass Demo)
Chumbawamba: We Don’t want To Sing Along (Un LP) Mutt
Chumbawamba: Fade Away (A Singsong and a Scrap LP) No Masters
I Object: Heard the Herd (Teaching Revenge LP) Alternative Tentacles
Ember Swift: Witness (The Dirty Pulse LP) Few’ll Ignite Sound

Chumbawamba were our featured band which included an extract of our interview with Boff from the group.

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