24th July 2006

Le Tigre: TGIF (Feminist Sweepstakes) Le Tigre
Against Me!: From Her Lips To God’s Ears (Energize-O-Tron) Remix by Ad Rock (Single) Fat Wreck Chords
United Satanic Apache Front: America, Fuck Your Freedom (excerpt) (Voices In The Wilderness: Dissenting Soundscapes and songs of G.W.’s America Compilation LP) Pax Recordings
Moby and Public Enemy: Make Love Fuck War (Single) Mute
David Rovics: I’m A Better Anarchist Than You (Live at the M19 Bar, Levenshulme)
Anti-Flag: 1 Trillion Dollars (For Blood and Empire LP) RCA
Frank Turner: Thatcher Fucked The Kids (Campfire Punkrock EP) Xtra Mile Recordings
Notsensibles: (I’m In Love With) Margaret Thatcher (I’ve Just About Had Enough) Brother EP) Eli Records
Christy Moore: Ronald Reagan (The Box Set 1964-2004 LP)
Tracey Curtis: I Won’t Wear The Union Jack (If The Moon Could Talk LP) Unlabelled
Shelley’s Children: Jack (Everything LP) Damaged Goods
Dana Lyons: Cows With Guns (Cows With Guns LP)
Robb Johnson: Be Reasonable (Maximum Respect- Songs For Animals LP) Irregular RecordsEthical Wares
Inner Terrestrials: Off With Their Heads (X LP) Mortarhate
Chloe Poems: The Queen (Single) Switchflicker
External Menace: Seize The Day (The Process of Elimination LP) Doctor Strange
MDC: Millions of Damned Christians (Now More Than Ever LP) MDC
No FX: USA-holes (Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing LP) Fat Wreck Chords
Anti-Flag: You’ve Got To Die For The Government (Die For The Government LP) New Red Archives
Against Me: Baby I’m An Anarchist (Reinventing Axl Rose LP) No Idea
Pete Dale and the Beta Males: Saint Bob?! (Betrayed By Folk A Collection of Topical Songs LP) Fortuna Pop!
Le Tigre: FYR (Feminist Sweepstakes) Le Tigre

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