26th June 2008

Christy Moore: America, You Are Not The World (Live in Dublin 2006) Columbia
TV Smith: It’s Warming Up (In The Arms Of My Enemy LP) The Boss Tuneage Recording Company (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Al Baker and the Dole Queue: Old Tyme Mem’ry (On The Use Of Jack Boots LP) Free Download (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
David Rovics: Halliburton Boardroom Massacre (Halliburton Boardroom Massacre LP) Mi5 (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Paul Kelly: Only Forty Miles To Saturday (Under The Sun LP) Mushroom
Rosie Oddie and The Odd Squad: Cola Coka (Single) Bloody Awful Poetry Records
Fiona Keenan: Solidarity (A Waiting Room LP)
Eastfield: Jumping Under Someone Else’s Train/ Shake it Up (Labor Omnia Vincit Split EP with Destructors 666) Rowdy Farago Records
Attila The Stockbroker: Punk Night at the Duck’s Nuts (Live in Norway LP)
Danbert Nobacon and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Rock ‘n’ Roll Holy Wars (The Library Book of the World LP) Bloodshot Records
Alun Parry: Thursday Night Drinking Song (Corridors of Stone LP) (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Robb Johnson and the Irregulars: Anarchy in Hackney ( Saturday Night at the Fire Station LP) Irregular Records
Chumbawamba: Bury Me Deep (The Boy Bands Have Won LP) No Masters
The Fountain: Give Me Back My Basement (Basement EP)
Anti-Flag: If You Wanna Steal (Bright Lights of America LP) Hassle/ RCA/ BMG


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