12th June 2008

Conflict: The Serenade Is Dead (There Must Be Another Way Singles LP) Mortarhate
Rudimentary Peni: No More Pain (No More Pain LP) Outer Himalayan
Inner Terrestrials: Off With Their Heads (X LP) Mortarhate (Also appears on The Defy ID Vol 1: Benefit Compilation LP)
No FX: Leaving Jesusland (Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing LP) Fat Wreck Chords
Anti-Flag: Good And Ready (Bright Lights of America LP) Hassle/ RCA/ BMG
Sonic Boom Six: While You Were Sleeping (Arcade Perfect LP) Rebel Alliance
Morrissey: All You Need Is Me (All You Need Is Me Single) Decca
Willy Mason: Oxygen (Where the Humans Eat LP) Virgin
Chumbawamba: All Fur Coat and No Knickers (The Boy Bands Have Won LP) No Masters
Alun Parry: Woody’s Song (Corridors of Stone LP) (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
James ‘Bar’ Bowen: Skin (New England EP) Bright Red Marker
David Rovics: Burn It Down (The Commons LP) Irregular Records (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Al Baker and the Dole Queue: Til The Fences Fall (On The Use Of Jack Boots LP) Free Download (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Sonic Boom Six: September to May (Arcade Perfect LP) Rebel Alliance
Morrissey: Children In Pieces (All You Need Is Me Single) Decca
Yo Yo Mundi: Bella Ciao (Resistance LP)
Danbert Nobacon and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts: The Last Drop In The Glass (The Library Book of the World LP) Bloodshot Records
Attila The Stockbroker: Maggots 1, Maggie 0 (Live in Norway LP)
Jarvis Cocker: Auschwitz to Ipswich (The Jarvis Cocker Record LP) Rough Trade
Eastfield: Jumping Under Someone Else’s Train/ Shake it Up (Labor Omnia Vincit Split EP with Destructors 666) Rowdy Farago Records
1-Speed Bike: If You Were A McDonalds, Your Lips Would Be An Orange Soda, But Your Dick Would Be A Shirivelled-Up Fry (Someone Told Me Life Gets Easier In Your 50’s LP) Broklyn Beats
Claire Mooney: Who’s Looking After Levenshulme? (Benefit Single) Red Records

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