25th July 2013

Paranoid Visions with Steve Ignorant -Join The Dots
Sex Pistols -God Save The Queen
Kinesis -Billboard Beauty
The Specials -Too Hot
Formby Channel -Last Year’s Holiday
The Julie Ruin -Oh Come On
Pylon -Dub
Ladytron -Seventeen
Witch Hunt -Twenty Five
The Mob -Witch Hunt
Poison Girls -Persons Unknown
Turn Me On Dead Man -Star People
Wesley Willis -Feel The Power of Rock ‘n’ Roll
Black Lanterns -Chimps
Autopsy Boys -Crushing On Cynthia Leech
Vitriolic Response -Vitriolic Response
Landverraad -Folderillusie
Restarts -Drone Attack
Pansy Division -Breaking The Law
Ghost Mice -New Moon Rising
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man -Fuck The Sea
Servotron -Serve, Obey

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