23rd June 2011


Keith LeBlanc and Jello Biafra -Message From Our Sponsor -Alternative Tentacles
Leon Rosselson -Stand Up For Judas -Fuse Records
Utopia Now -Youniverse
Milky Wimpskake -Thursday -Fortuna Pop!
McCarthy -Boy Meets Girl So What -Midnight Music
Violent History -Pinnacle Of Aggression
Beyond Description -Attack -Crimes Against Humanity Records
Health Hazard -Die
Crystal Stilts -Shake The Shackles
Comet Gain -Clang Of The Concrete Swans -Fortuna Pop
Crass -A Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindler -Crassical Collection
Eastfield -Don’t Phone Back -Baszdmeg
Kortau -Nicaragua Sandinista
Sutura -Cada Vez Mas
Chief -One Spirit -Household Name Records
Garden Gang -Get A Move On
The Watersons -The Derby Ram
Newtown Neurotics -Andy Is A Corporatist

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