22nd August 2005

Van Johnson: Speechless For Once (Van Johnson LP) Exotic Fever

Me And Three Others: Open Your Eyes (Manc Punk Scene Compilation) Manc Punk Scene

Conflict: Mighty and Superior (There Must Be Another way The Singles LP) Mortarhate

Disrespect: Justice In A Bag (Justice In A Bag LP) Profane Existence

Johnny Cash: I Walk The Line (Dead Cool Volume 1 Compilation LP) The Independent

The Sanity Clause: Celebrity (Deja Vu EP) Manky Moo Records

Killing Joke: Empire Song (Laugh. I Nearly Bought One LP) Virgin

Bikini Kill: I Like Fucking (Singles Compilation/ FREE MP3 HERE) Kill Rock Stars

Kinesis: Everything You Thought You Knew To Be (You Are Being Lied To LP) Captains Of

Smarty Pants: Dance Like Your Dad (Self Released)

Valerie: All My Heroes Hate Me (Single) Switchflicker

Mark Stewart: Puppet Master (Kiss The Future Compilation LP) Soul Jazz

Patrick Briscoe: Give (Single) Cypress Grove

1-Speed Bike: Eight Months Stuck in a Shipping Container With 12 Jehovah’s Witnesses (Klootzak Keizer 12″ EP) Broklyn Beats

Seize The Day: Child Of The Universe (Its your life – Its our world LP)

Chimp Eats Banana: Shopping List (FREE MP3 HERE)

Not Sensibles: Bar Lick (I’m So Disgusted) (FREE MP3 HERE)

Bad Religion: Stranger Than Fiction (Stranger Than Fiction LP) Epitaph

Psycho Faction: Threat (Anti War Compilation LP) Overground

The Chemistry Experiment: Glue and Paper (The Melancholy Death Of… LP) Fortuna Pop


Stuff Your Boss Campaign

Kaffequeeria/ Get Bent

Notsensibles/ Railway Workers Reunion

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