20th May 2010

Flux of Pink Indians: Tube Disasters (Neu Smell EP) Crass Records
Against Me: THose Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious (Reinventing Axl Rose LP) No Idea
Oi Polloi: Guilty
Anti-Flag: You’d Do The Same (Die For The Government LP) New Red Archives
The Autonomads Interview featuring:
The Autonomads: The Cloud Song
The Autonomads: Supermarket Sweep
The Autonomads: GMP
Against Me: I Was A Teenage Anarchist (Single Pre-Release) Sire
Anti-Flag: Captain Anarchy (A New Kind Of Army LP) A-F Records
Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies: Part Time Punk (The New Underground LP) Free Rock & Roll
Stray Dog Cafe: Alan (a,m,f,o,t) (The Experiment Requires You to Continue LP) Ubik
The Dead Subverts: Taking Civil Liberties
Hello Bastards: Political Statement
Ste McCabe: Toilet Scrubbing (Murder Music LP) Cherryade Records
Anne Feeney: 50 Cent Sneakers and $5 Wine (Dump The Bosses Off Your Back LP) (Buy from Four Dogs Music)

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