20th February 2014

Discharge – Accessories By Molotov

New Kingdom – Cheap Thrills

Instant Automatons – Electronic Music

Zounds – Go All The Way (for the USA)

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – Alcohol Is Not A Drug (It’s A Drink)

Inner Terrestrials – Tales of Terror

Autonomads – Our Elizabeth

Icons Of Filth – Brain Death

D.S.S – Tony Blair…

Simon Stabler – The biggs Picture

Blurt – My Mother Was A Friend Of An Enemy Of The People

Bug – Take The Money & Run

The Hurriers – Enjoy The Storm

Melt Banana – A Key Is A Fact A Cat Brings

Teenage Jesus & The Jerks – I Wake Up Dreaming

Quiet Loner – Between The Wars

Lydia Loveless – They Don’t Know

Simon Stabler – Cameron – Nil

The Cravats – Off The Beach

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