1st May 2006

Ani DiFranco: Self Evident (Carnegie Hall 4.6.02 LP) Righteous Babe
Shelley’s Children: Every Town (Everything LP) Damaged Goods
Seize the Day: No One’s Slave (100th Monkey Remix) (It’s Your Life… It’s Our World LP)
Anti-Flag: The Press Corpse (For Blood and Empire LP) RCA
Asian Dub Foundation: 19 Rebellions (Enemy of the Enemy LP) London
Crass: Blood Revolutions (Single) Crass Records
Sick56 / Higgins++ : Got A Revolution (New Day New Enemy EP) Just Say No To Government Music/ Download from MySpace
Steve Cope: Attitude Problem (Live at the OK Cafe)
Ewan MacColl: Looking for A Job (Black and White: The Definitive Collection LP) Cooking Vinyl
Angelic Upstarts: Police Oppression (The Angelic Times LP) Angelic Upstarts
No FX: The Marxist Brothers (Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing LP) Fat Wreck Chords
Gertrude: Hi Tech Friend (Fetch The Parrot Blanket LP) Urban Missfits
Le Tigre: On The Verge (This Island LP) Universal
Anti-Flag: Depleted Uranium is a War Crime (For Blood and Empire LP) RCA
Rifu: Let Them Eat Bombs (Bombs for Food, Mines for Freedom LP) Go Kart Records
Dead Prez: Propaganda (Let’s Get Free LP) Loud Records/ Epic
David Rovics: St Patrick’s Batallion (Live at the Carlton Club, Whalley Range)
MDC: No More Cops (Magnus Dominus Corpus LP) Sudden Death Records

* Heather talking about the hunger strikes at detention centres.

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