17th April 2006

The Smiths: The Queen is Dead (The Queen is Dead LP) Rough Trade
Robb Johnson: She Lives In Slough (Tony Blair My Part In His Downfall) Irregular Records
Inner Terrestrials: Off With Their Heads (X LP) Mortarhate
Bob Pyle: When They Close The Golden Arches (Apples and Oranges LP) Apple Tree
Andy Shades and Us: Making Way for China (The World Before Tomorrow LP)
D.I.R.T.: Listen Morons (We Are Here To Make A Difference Discography Sampler: 1991-2006 LP) Skuld Releases/ Profane Existence magazine
Propaghandi: Name and Address Witheld (Potemkin City Limits LP) Fat Wreck Chords/ G7 Welcoming Committee
Shelley’s Children: Doesn’t Matter (Everything LP) Damaged Goods
Tracey Curtis: Rosa’s Happy Song (The By-Pass Demo)
Anna Roland: Proud To Be An American (Riot Fok LP) Riot Folk
Seize The Day: W.T.O. (All Hands that are Ready LP)
Pete Dale and the Beta Males: Menwith Hill (Betrayed By Folk A Collection of Topical Songs LP) Fortuna Pop!
Chumbawamba: Fade Away (A Singsong and a Scrap LP) No Masters
Asian Dub Foundation: Memory War (Community Music LP) London
Conflict: Mighty and Superior (There Must Be Another way LP) Mortarhate
Purgatory State: Seek and Betray (Seek and Betray EP) Purgatory State
The Sainte Catherines: Us Against The Music (Dancing For Decadence LP) Fat Wreck Chords
Suicide Bid: Turning the Blind Eye (This Is The Generation LP) Household Name Records
Rossport Five (Video Soundtrack Extract)
Steven Nancy: Goodbye Lime Street (No Apologies EP) Nancy Records
Protest The Hero: A plateful of Our Dead (Kezia LP) Vagrant
Anti-Flag: The Press Corpse (For Blood and Empire LP) RCA
Cannonball Jane: Slumber Party (Street Vernacular LP) Fortuna Pop
Chloe Poems: The Queen (Single) Switchflicker
Robb Johnson: The Year of Jubilee (Tony Blair My Part In His Downfall) Irregular Records

* Mark, one of the organisers of May Day 06

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