19th April 2012

Neck -Come Out Fighting
Roughneck Riot -This Is Our Day
Cosmo -Strike! Occupy! Resist!
Robb Johnson -Titanic
The Dead Class -No
NO FX -Police Brutality
Oi Polloi -DIY
Blacklight Mutants -Love Yourself
Attila The Stockbroker’s Barnstormer -Bye Bye Banker
Mark Stewart -Gang War
Afternoon Gentlemen -Thrash Potato
Black Star Dub Collective -Until Babylon Falls
Active Minds -Economic Collapse Is On Its Way
Realities Of War -Orwell Nation
The Membranes -If You Enter The Arena, Be Prepared To Deal With Lions -Louder Than War
The Murder Burgers -Unemployment Here I Come
Say Hello  To The Angels -Never Walk Alone
Inner Terrestrials -Tales Of Terror

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