11th April 2013


Atilla The Stockbroker
Chomsky Allstars


Chumbawamba -Introduction
Chumbawamba -Ring The Bells
Judy Garland -Ding-Dong! the Witch Is Dead
Black Star Dub Collective -Cheap School Meals
The Forlorn Hope -Gonna Laugh When Margaret Thatcher Dies
Toxik Ephex -Maggie
Atilla The Stockbroker – A Hellish Encounter (Live)
Pete Wylie -The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies
Angelic Upstarts -Woman In Disguise
Chomsky Allstars -So Long (The Witch Is Dead)
Chris Butler -Biggest Party Of Our Lives
Test Dept -The Legacy
Between The Wars -We’ll Dance On Your Grave Mrs Thatcher
Robb Johnson -Ding Dong Thatch
Drongos For Europe -Dance When Maggie’s Dead
Abrasive Wheels -Voice Of Youth
Andy T -I Still Hate Thatcher
Margaret Thrasher -All For Profit and Profit For All
Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen -The March Of The Siamese Children
Clash -Guns of Brixton
Morrissey -Margaret On The Guillotine
Hefner -The Day That Thatcher Dies
Elvis Costello -Tramp The Dirt Down
Chumbawamba -So Long, So Long


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