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A couple of zine reviews I was hoping to do last week but ran out of time.

If you were at the Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair last Saturday you might have seen co-presenter Richard Cubesville’s One Way Ticket To Cubesville zine which, after a break of 15 years between issue 6 and 7  is now rattling out issues at a furious rate such that we are now up to issue 11!
This issue is a 3D issue with a googly eyed George Orwell on the cover. George also features on the inside with Orwell inspired articles and the likes of Andy T, Jessi Eastfield and Steve Lake from Zounds (all previous guests on the show) talking about what they were up to in 1984.
Language is the other theme running through this issue with features on punk from the Basque Country, Gaelic punkers Oi Polloi and Yr Anhrefn talking about singing in Welsh.
As well as this Richard manages to cram in an interview with Paul from Reagan Youth (previously aired on UTP), cut out and keep Black Star Dub Collective action figures, a wartime vegan feature and loads of music and zine reviews.
Catch Richard at a gig (he’s the one with the All Ages Records plastic bag) and pay 51p or buy it from Rockers on Oldham Street for 98p,

PS: My eyes fell off!

Another zine that reached me last week is Profane Existence 63. This is a long running zine which has gone through various formats and is now a free newsprint paper which includes the Profane Existence mailorder catalogue.
It covers the anarcho punk/ crust scenes really well. There are a mix of articles and columns. Bands featured include Kontrasect, Burnt Cross, Dripfed and War//Plague. A regular item is the featured artist. This issue it’s Daniel Shaw.
There is also a great article on the volunteer run Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis, the Moshpit Tragedy record label and the Peace Ridge Animal Sanctuary plus loads of music reviews.
Apparently parts of this issue were put together whilst listening to Under The Pavement!
Definitely worth checking out!
Find out more at http://www.profaneexistence.org

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