THE TELEVISION PERSONALITIES + more in Manchester Feb 26th!

Strawberry Shortcake II with The Television Personalities
Saturday February 26th / 4pm / £10 entry
Klondyke Bowls Club, Burnage Range, Levenshulme

The Television Personalities

‘Seminal, influential, legendary and the ultimate cult band in the UK, Dan Treacy’s roving psychedelic pop platform have played to huge audiences in Europe, reaching Godlike status in Germany. Ten years in an open-necked flowery shirt, with a healthy dose of cynicism and a knack of nailing great melodies to the floor, have earned Television Personalities their footnote in the great rock Thesaurus.’ – John Robb, 1987

Sourpatch (U.S./ Happy Happy Birthday To Me)

San Jose’s Sourpatch channel the twee Northwest sound of Velocity Girl, Tiger Trap, or any number of girl-fronted bubblegum-punk groups on the roster of Spin Art or Slumberland in the ’90s.

Chapter Sweetheart

Chapter Sweetheart are a London 5-piece who write scuzzy pop songs that recall the likes of Bearsuit or Boyracer, with a bit of Huggy Bear thrown in for good measure.

The Choo Choo Trains

Beautifully endearing and dreamy pop songs that bring to mind the Marine Girls or the Velvet Underground at their most sedate.

and more…

Sex Hands


Float Riverer

No Womb

Town Bike

Doris & the Jumpers


Y Legs

tickets should be available soon on we got…

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