September 24th 2009

Shelley’s Children: Doesn’t Matter (The Mask Of Anarchy Mini LP) Peasant’s Revolt
Chumbawamba: Give The Anarchist A Cigarette (Anarchy LP) One Little Indian
Manchester Anarchist Bookfair Interview featuring:
* Sander Commander: The Good, The Bad, The Bunny
* Country Joe MacDonald: What Are We Fighting For?
Dead Kennedys: Anarchy For Sale (Bedtime For Democracy LP) Alternative Tentacles
Against Me!: Those Anarcho Punks Are Myserious (Americans Abroad!!!Against Me!!!Live in London!!! LP) Fat Wreck Chords
Joey Only: Anarchist Mountain
David Rovics: I’m A Better Anarchist Than You (The Commons LP) Irregular Records (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Milky Wimpshake: (Show Me The Way To) Anarchy (One Good Use For A Heart EP) Fortuna Pop
Oi Polloi: Anarcho Pie (In Defence Of Our Earth LP)
Robb JohnsonAnarchy In Hackney (A Beginner’s Guide LP) Irregular Records
Sex Pistols: Anarchy in the UK (Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols LP) Virgin
Anti-Flag: Captain Anarchy (A New Kind Of Army LP) A-F Records
Inner Terrestrials@ (X LP) Mortarhate
Negativland/ Chumbawamba: The ABCs Of Anarchism (The ABCs Of Anarchism EP) Seeland (Download)
Track for Thatch’s Dispatch:
Ad Nauseum: Thatcher (Brainstorm EP) FlickKnife Records
Atari Teenage Riot: Anarchy 999 (60 Second Wipeout LP)

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