7th October 2010

The Smiths – Shoplifters of the World

Kirsty MacColl – Free World

Moral Dilemma – Under Surveillance

Random Hand – Anger Management

Paranoid Visions – High Cost of Living

Attila the Stockbroker – It isn’t only Football

Christy Moore – Hey Ronnie Reagan

Hefner – The Day that Thatcher Dies

Chloe Poems – London is Paranoid

Steve Cope – The Library Song

Jeffrey Lewis – Big A Little A

Robb Johnson – Someone Else can Save the World

Alun Parry – Woody’s Song

Chumbawamba – Voices That’s All

The King Blues – Let’s Hang the Landlord

Attila the Stock Broker –My Poetic Licence

David Rovics – I’m a better Anarchist Than You

Dominic Berry – Pulse

Inner Terrestrials – Off With Their Heads

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