7th July 2016

Chris Butler -Mighty and Superior (Recorded Live In The Studio)
The Chills -When The Poor Can Reach The Moon
Oi Polloi -Bos Bilem Di Anarkhistem
Louis Lingg and the Bombs -Twitter Riot
Alana Bondi with Russ -SOS
Sprank -The Cry
Villy Raze -Horror Show  (Recorded Live In The Studio)
Deerhoof -The Devil and his Anarchic Surrealist Retinue
Lab Rats -Refugees Welcome (Recorded Live In The Studio)
A -Radio Berlin -The Defense of the Rog Squat Ljubljana Report
Wolfbeast Destroyer -Master of Deception, Destroyer of Faith
Jez Sings Things -Turpentine (Recorded Live In The Studio)
Mad Theatre -Conceived In A Curry House
Accidente -Complicidad
Terry -Moscow
Culture Shock -Visibility

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