6th July 2017 What’s On

Until 25th August 2017

Tricking the Impossible: word and type: Penny Rimbaud and Bracketpress

MMU Special Collections Gallery,
3rd Floor,
All Saints Library

Tricking the ImpossibleThis exhibition examines the close, collaborative relationship between the author Penny Rimbaud (co-founder of the highly influential punk rock collective Crass) and typesetter and book designer Christian Brett. The exhibition draws on extensive archive material from the Bracketpress archive held at Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections. Brett’s collaborations with Rimbaud employ many expressive and conceptual typographic tricks, creating visually exciting designs for some very challenging texts. Along with published material (novels, essays, poetry and music) the exhibition also includes working designs for as yet unpublished works.

Bracketpress is an independent radical publisher of books, pamphlets and limited edition prints co-founded by Christian Brett & Alice Smith. The exhibition is part of RANDOM Archive, a collaborative project with Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre exploring text and type.


Friday 7th July


Tuesday 25th July


Friday July 28th, Saturday July 29th and Sunday 30th July

POW! Partisan Open weekend 1

To celebrate and launch the permanent Partisan space, we are having a Partisan Open Weekend (POW!) on July 28-30th. This weekend will act as a fundraiser, as we are still raising funds in order to get the space up and running.

Friday night will be showcase some great musical talent from around Manchester and beyond.

On Saturday, the music will continue alongside workshops and performances.

To close out the weekend on Sunday, we’ll be hosting even more workshops, and will have a film screening and discussion.

**If you would like to perform, run a workshop, cook, make, promote, or help out in any way – get in touch!***

Details of the performers and workshops, tickets, and more will be released over the next few weeks: make sure to click ‘attending’ so that you don’t miss a thing!

We can’t wait to see you at Partisan!

19 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, M4 4FY

In the meantime, please sign up to become a member. This is vital to the sustainability of the project. From as little as £1 a month: www.partisancollective.net/membership



Saturday 19th August


Friday 1st September until Sunday 3rd September

Fast Forward Festival: Build Commons, Build Counter-Power
Thornbridge Outdoors Centre, Derbyshire

Laying the foundations for a post-capitalist society will require the building of diverse forms of social organisation, an emphasis on building non-capitalist forms of consciousness, and finding new sites of struggle. For Plan C, this currently means pursuing the combined strategies of social strike, directional demands and radical municipalism, but we want to learn from your perspectives, strategies and modes of organising.

At Fast Forward 2017 we want to delve further into these ideas, to discuss, imagine and develop what it means to build commons and build counter-power.

We want you to join us for three days of talks, workshops, parties, childcare, food and commoning!


Any what’s on ideas? Email radio@underthepavement.org

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