6th January 2011

1. The Ex – 24 problems from Catch My Shoe
2. Chomsky Allstars – Disease of Desire from Rhyme, Treason and Rhythm
3. China Shop Bull – Brain in a Jar from Rave to the Grave
4. Dirty Revolution – Sometimes You’re too Rude from Ska Trek 2010 promo cd
5. Crass – End Result 20/02/78
6. Ste McCabe – Harrowing Breakdown from Harrowing Breakdown
7. Subhumans – Point of View from Internal Riot
8. Paranoid Visions – I will Wallow 96 version from Black Operations in
the Red Mist
9. Chris Butler – Lucky Escapes from Live in Session on Under the Pavement
10. Roughneck Riot – Travellin Man
11. Joey Only – Punk Rock Country Band from Transgression Trail
12. Jo Bywater – Smokescreen from Cycle Grace Pulse Break
13. Autonomads – Back to the Bark from And You Call Thuis Civilization?
14. Al Baker and the Dole Queue – Jesus on the Touchline from Causes and
15. The Queers – Houston We Have a Problem

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