5th June 2014

Le Tigre -Dyke March 2001
Cop Problem -American Spring
The Julie Ruin -Oh Come On
Joanna Gruesome -Anti Parent Cowboy Killers
Efa Supertramp -Smash Your TV
Death Sentence: Panda! -A+ Cannibal
No Babies -One Size Fits All
Melt Banana -The Hive
Poison Girls -Another Hero
This Is Brainwash -Corporate Hell
Simon Stabler -Vive La Punk Plumber
Anthrax -The Beg Society
Knuckle Dragger -Ex Lion Tamer
The Malthusian Trap -The Underclass
Atterkop -Enter The International Court of Justice
Restarts -Drone Attack
Dead City Riot -Ya Basta!
Anne Feeney -Ya Basta!


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