5th July 2018


Martyn from Liverpool Pedestrian Group

Steve From Fake News Corp


The Chills -Complex

Carol Hodge -Fallibility

Cav Kelly -Remember (Recorded Live in Session)

The Ex -This Car Is My Guest

Carol Hodge -Weather The Storm

Madball -The Fog

Autonomads -Supermarket Sweep

Fake News Corp -Donny Takes A Trip

James ‘Bar’ Bowen -My Wartime Sweetheart (Recorded Live in Session)

Molotov -They (Recorded Live in Session)

Rash Decision -Salary Man

Louis Lingg and The Bombs -Prehistoric Man

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man -This Is Where The Idiot Lives

Ministry -I Know Words

Carol Hodge -First World Problems

Primo -Ticking Off A List


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