5th July 2012


The King Blues -Modern Life Has Let Down -Transmission
Klink Clock -Mayhem –Berlin Riot Grrl Compilation
Victims Family -Have A Nice Day -Alternative Tentacles
Minutemen -This Ain’t No Picnic
Cosmo -These Chains Won’t Hold Me
Chris Butler -You’re Dead I’m Not
Cafe Flesh -God Bless The Devil
Stickmen With Rayguns -Have I Got A god For You, Pt 1
Autonomads -Cloud Song
Black Light Mutants -Rotten To The Core
Ste McCabe -Harrowing Breakdown
King Blues -We Are What We Own -Transmission
Maiden Monsters -I’m Your Man –Berlin Riot Grrl Compilation
Pollyanna -Old Rockers –Berlin Riot Grrl Compilation
Stinky Toys -Driver’s Blues
TV Smith -Deactivate Autoslave -Boss Tuneage
Meschiya Lake and the Little Bighorns -Do It For Myself
Bootscraper -Thieves Anthem -TNS Records
Paul Robeson -River Stay ‘Way From My Door

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