4th September 2014

Bad Religion -Sewing The Seeds of Utopia
WARRENPEACE featuring Scroobius Pip -Frnklystvn
Discharge -Free Speech for the Dumb
Ste McCabe with Billy Bragg -Cockroach
Oi Polloi -S.S. Politician
The Astronauts -Nothing is Impossible
Police Bastard -Bite the Hand
Culture Shock -Ten Per Cent Off
Faintest Idea -Mutual Aid
Cacique -Cacique
Servotron -People Mover
Beccy Owen with Boff Whalley -Cabbages
Black Star Dub Collective -Vampire (Nucleus Roots Vocal Cut)
Global Parasite -Smash The New World Order
Headache -I was so high I thought I saw God
Mark Stewart -Stranger Than Love
Ste McCabe -Go Polski Boy


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