4th December 2014

Martin Chomsky talking about RTP Downsized

Conscious Youth -Onwards and Upwards (featuring AOS3)
Rash Decision -Boredom
RTP Downsized: The Audio Play -The Great Money Trick
RTP Downsized: The Audio Play -The Long Hill
Marc O’Reilly -20 Minutes for 2 Years
Disco/ Oslo -Zeichen
Good Throb -Mummy I’m Ugly
Farang -Maximum Taxiderm
The Movement -How Come?
Delroy Smart -Hot City
Hello Bastards -Stopping The Motor of the Modern world
The World/ Inferno Friendship Society -Taken Down A Peg
Tanguay and Taylor -Two Pearls
Reset Mankind -Mitternacht
Redska -Bella Ciao
Rocket From The Crypt -This Bad Check Is Going To Stick
Roughneck Riot -Resistance


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