4th August What’s On

 Saturday 6 August 

11am  Riots, Rebellions and Revolution Walk

This walk will explore sites connected with the Co-operative Movement,  Karl Marx and Friedrich  Engels, the Siege of Manchester,  Peterloo, Chartism,  the 1745 Jacobite  rebellion and other historical events.

Meet outside the People History Museum, Bridge Street

The walks will last 2 hours. £6.00 waged /£3.00 unwaged.

Saturday 20th August

11am  “Up Then Brave Women…” Walk

This walk will explore sites  connected with  the radical women’s movements in the city including  trade unionism, the Clarion newspaper, Votes for Women and the Manchester Guardian.

Meet outside the People’s History Museum, Bridge Street

The walks will last 2 hours. £6.00 waged /£3.00 unwaged.


7.30pm: Pants 4 Peace Event featuring Sanity Clause and more…

Vegan Food, Beer, Art and Big Pants

Red Triangle Veggie Caff, St James Street, Burnley, Lancashire

7.30pm: Black Light Mutants
The Witchwood, Ashton-under-Lyne

Thursday 1st September

7.30pm: *¡Viva México!* Film Screening
The Yard, Old Birley Street, Hulme, Manchester
£3, £2 with concessions.
We will serve food Mexican style, for a small extra charge.

A documentary by Nicolas DéfosséIn 1994, a guerrilla group called Zapatista Army for National Liberation occupied several towns in the state of Chiapas. They expressed their exasperation with a political class that did not listen to citizens, whose representatives filled their own pockets at the expense of the people and who, through their commitment to international free trade, sold off public assets and undermined the social fabric of the country. Since then, Zapatista communities in the mountains of Chiapas have declared autonomy and have implemented their own system of governance, administration, health service, and education.

In 2006, the Zapatistas started *the other campaign*. They reached out to groups and individuals all over the world, to build a network of resistances.

To initiate the campaign, representatives of the Zapatistas travelled through Mexico, met up with grassroots organizations, and listened to peoples’ grievances and their suggestions for change. *¡Viva México! *follows the Zapatista representatives from historic Chiapas to the tourist resorts of Cancún, from picturesque Oaxaca to the beaches of Nayarit, from the centre of Mexico City to the streets of Los Angeles. The documentary captures fishermen, squatters, illegal immigrants, transsexual and transgendered people, hotel employees, members of indigenous communities, urban artisans, and peasants, as they tell their stories of struggle and resistance and enter into dialogue with the Zapatista representatives.

*¡Viva México! *gives a unique image of a dignified, resistant and committed Mexico. It affords a rare insight into the political and social reality lived by those whose voices rarely find their ways into the media.

It is also, and beyond the dimension of Mexico, a powerful documentation of a different way of doing ‘politics’.

Nicolas Défossé is a French filmmaker who lives in Chiapas. Among his films are La Hierbabuena and Breaking the Siege (with Mario Viveros). ¡Viva México! has received numerous awards, among them the ‘Salvador Allende’ Award for best documentary from the Latin American Film Festival of Brussels, Belgium; the Audience Award for best independent documentary at the Latin American Film Festival in Bordeaux, France; the Audience Award for Best Documentary from the International Human Rights Film Festival in Sucre, Bolivia; and the Audience Award for best documentary at the Film Festival of Tepoztlan, Mexico.

*Follow Manchester Zapatista Solidarity Group on Facebook:

September 2011 until June 2012

From September 2011 to June 2012 Turning the Tide in collaboration with Huddersfield Quakers and other local peace and social justice groups are hosting a series of workshop called ‘*Nonviolence for a Change.’* This is a training programme for people with some experience of working with others to address injustices and make changes.

*Dates and Themes for the Huddersfield 2011 – 2012 course*

24 September 2011: Nonviolence, a dangerous idea
15 October: Playing with power 1: Understanding the system
19 November: Playing with power 2: Changing the system
17 December: Campaigners do it together! How we make change
21 January 2012: Don’t just sit there! Exploring direct action
17- 19 February: Is everybody happy? Tools for effective group work (This session is residential and for year-group only.)
17 March: The living revolution: building the alternative
21 April: Inner and outer: spirituality and activism
18 – 20 May: We can do that! Empowerment for social change (This session is residential and for year-group only.)
16 June: Celebrating nonviolence

*Year-long or Drop-in*

As in previous years, you can sign up for the whole course, or just dip into the sessions that interest you. This course tends to be oversubscribed and we anticipate a similar response for the 2011-2012 course. So get in touch as soon as you can if you’d like to participate either in the whole course or particular workshops.

*Fees and application process *


Participation on the course is via application due by 10 August 2011. The fee is £350 for the year; £35 per workshop, and concessions and payment plan options are available. February and May residential are for the year-group only.


Spaces for one-day participants are limited, so please get in touch to put your name on the one-day list as soon as possible. We get in touch before the workshop to confirm that you are still able to come and take care of some administrative business.

*The venue is wheelchair accessible.*

For more applications materials and more information see the website: http://www.turning-the-tide.org

Or email: denised@quaker.org.uk or stevew@quaker.org.uk

8th and 9th October: Join Noam Chomsky at…

Web: http://www.radicalmediaconference.org
Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/rebelliousmc
Twitter: http://twitter.com/RebelliousMC

Please book now to ensure yourself a place.

Speakers include:
* Noam Chomsky;
* John Pilger (The War You Don’t See);
* Laurie Penny (Penny Red);
* Michael Albert (ZNet);
* Johann Hari (Independent);
* Jessica Azulay (New Standard News);
* Dan Hind (The Return of the Public);
* Emily James (Just Do It);
* Matthew Alford (Reel Power: Hollywood Cinema and American Supremacy);
* Zoe Broughton (Campaign Filmmaker);
* Mark Barto (London Video Activist Network);
* Robert McChesney (Our Media, Not Theirs).
PLUS speakers from Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (tbc), CopySouth, Corporate Watch, the Glasgow Media Group, GreenNet, iContact Video, The Manchester Mule, The New Economics Foundation, Nottingham Indymedia, the Open Rights Group, Platform, Reel News, SchNews, Spinwatch, UK Uncut and many more.
Frustrated with the mainstream media’s coverage of war, climate change and the economy, or already making your own media? Interested in acquiring new skills, or finding out more about exciting radical media projects from around the world? Want to join the resistance to the corporate takeover of the internet, or discuss how we can harness the digital revolution to help bring about radical social change?
Then the Radical Media Conference is for you!
Organised by Peace News, Ceasefire, Red Pepper, Undercurrents and visionOntv, and supported by the New Internationalist and Quaker Peace and Social Witness.

HELP NEEDED: The organisers of the conference are appealing for financial support. If you can make a donation, however large or small, please visit the RMC website http://rebelliousmediaconference.org/tickets/


If you have an event, meeting or gig you would like us to mention on Under the Pavement email radio@underthepavement.org or write to:

Under the Pavement Radio Show,
c/o ALL FM 96.9,
19 Albert Road,
M19 2EQ

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