3rd May 2007

Louis Lingg and the Bombs: Death In The Haymarket (Extract) (Conspiracy LP) Ultarsonar Records
Barr: The Song is The Single (Summary LP) Upset! The Rhythm
Death Sentence Panda: A+ Cannibal (Puppy, Kitty or Both EP) Upset! The Rhythm
Heilige Lance: The Crucifixion of… (EP) Cream of The Crop
Conflict: Final Conflict (There Must Be Another Way LP) Mortarhate
Armedalite Rifles: This Space For Rent (Armedalite Rifles LP)
Citizen Fish: Working On The Inside (Deadline Split LP) Fat Wreck Chords
Rainer Maria: Hell And High Water (Single) Polyvinyl Record Co.
Inner Terrestrials: Movin On (X LP) Mortarhate
Radio Savage Houndy Beastie: Have A Job(CR-R)
Bruce Springsteen: Lost In The Flood (Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ LP) Sony
Bob Pyle: World Made Out of Spam (Apples and Oranges LP) Apple Tree
Tracey Curtis: Leonardo, Percy, Leo and Albert (If The Moon Could Talk LP) Unlabelled
Rebel Voices: I Hype The Songs (A Piece of The Wall LP) Reveille Music/ Four Dogs Music
Robb Johnson: Be Reasonable (A Beginner’s Guide LP) Irregular
Al Baker and the Dole Queue: All The News That’s Fit To Sing (Song For Phil Ochs) (One The Use Of Jack Boots LP) Free Download
Aidan Jolly: Sea To The Sky (System Fault LP)
Mutiny: Girlz On The Fiddle (Rum Rebellion LP) Fistolo
Louis Lingg and the Bombs: Zapatista (Conspiracy LP) Ultarsonar Records
Sabertooth Tiger: Argentina (Extinction Is Inevitable LP) Gold Standard Laboratories


Sarah and Dan from the Basement Social Centre gave an update on the fire/ smoke/ water damage which has temporarily closed the Basement. To find out how you can help visit the Basement Social Centre website


Basement Social Centre
Notts Indymedia Spring Into Action Report
Manchester Indymedia

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