3rd March 2016


Tout Suite live in the Studio plus Kate and co. from Partisan Social Centre Group


Poison Girls -Persons Unknown
Reptilians from Andromeda -More than Coke
Chad Hates George -Diet Coke and Cigarettes
LIINES -Blackout
Efa Supertramp -All My Friends Are Freedom Fighters
Gang of Four-I Found That Essence Rare
Tout Suite -Katie Hopkins (Live In The Studio)
Tout Suite -Powernoia (Live In The Studio)
Sewer Brigade -Sewer Brigade
Accidente -Yo Misma
The Partisans -No U Turn
Jon Magnusson -Partisanen
The World -Managerial Material
Dead Koys -Trauerlack
Headsticks -What Do You Want
Tout Suite -Punk Is Love (Live In The Studio)
Tout Suite – BYO D-Beat (Live In The Studio)
Tout Suite – No One Is Illegal (Live In The Studio)
Danbert Nobacon -Chemistry

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