3rd June 2010

Laibach: Life Is Life (Single) Mute
James: Hymn From A Village (Single) Factory
Attila The Stockbroker: Russians in the D.H.S.S. (Live in Norway LP)
Robb Johnson & The Irregulars: Win, Lose or Draw (Acoustic)
Chomsky Allstars: The Beautiful Gain
The Declining Winter: Official World Cup Theme 2010 (Single)
Leon Rosselson: The Third Intifada (A Proper State LP) Fuse Records (Buy From Four Dogs Music)
Christy Moore: Ronnie Reagan
Anne Feeney: Too Much Monkey Business (If I Can’t Dance LP) (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Caul Bearers: Small Space (Six Rivers Compilation LP) Single Cell Collective
The Mekons: Ghosts of American Astronauts (So Good It Hurts LP) Touch and Go
Ste McCabe: Tax Payer’s Money (Hate Mail LP) Cherryade Records
Zounds: Biafra (Discography/ The Curse of Zounds LP) Active
David Ferrard: Hard Times Come Again No More (Across The Troubled Wave LP)
Against Me: I Was A Teenage Anarchist (Single Pre-Release) Sire
The Forlorn Hope: Gonna Laugh When Margaret Thatcher Dies (Bukkake Baby EP) Buy fromhttp://www.roberthill.org.uk/
Robb Johnson: Bury Trident (Before It Buries Us) (Tony Blair My Part In His Downfall LP) Irregular Records
Conflict: System Maintains (There Must Be Another Way Singles LP) Mortarhate

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