31st October 2013


1981 Download for free


Dead Kennedys -Halloween
Poison Girls -You’re So Other
Pussy Riot -Kropotkin Vodka
Queer’d Science -Nazifucker
Good Throb -Bag
Omega Tribe -Another Bloody Day
1981 -In The Dead Of The Night
1981 -Not Afraid To Die
1981 -Cycle
1981 -Symptom
Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions -When…?
Atilla The Stockbroker -Tell Sid
Chumbawamba -The Land Of Do What You’re Told
Alun Parry -My Name Is Dessie Warren
Mr Shankly -Villains
Ste McCabe -The Judge Scratches His Head
Afor Gashum -From The Inside
Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions -Charity Begins At Home

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