31st July 2014


Spray Paint -Cussin
Sju Svåra År -Allt Du Vill
Chomsky Allstars feat. Loki -Solidarity ( Clutha Benefit Buy Here)
Mark McCabe -My Disguise Is Better Than Your Disguise
Ste McCabe -Make Your Own Kind of Music (with Maria and the Gay)
Omega Tribe -Another Bloody Day
1981 -Solutions
Berurier Noir -Vivre Livre Ou Mourir
TV Smith -The Drink
Helen Chambers -Banners
Phil Bug -Fleeting Times (Under The Pavement Session)
Simon Stabler -Rolf’s Cartoon Snub
Cardiacs -Sang All Away Away
The Day Man Lost -Obey, Consume, Die
Mwstard -Shift/Ctrl
Landverraad -After The Smoke Clears
Joe Yorke -Lost My Ed
Billie Holliday -Strange Fruit


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