30th October 2008 World Vegan Day Special

Benjamin Zephaniah: Rong Radio Station (Fight The Power Compilation LP) Single Cell Press
Moby: Go (Single) Mute
Radiohead: Just (The Bends LP) Parlophone
Dominic Berry: My Favourite Meals (Live In The Studio)
Robb Johnson & The Irregulars: The Bigger The Car ( Love & Death & Politics LP) Irregular Records(Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Dominic Berry: Solid With Stardust (Live In The Studio)
Cathy Bryant: Poem (Live In The Studio)
Bob Pyle: I Like Everything At Starbucks Except The Coffeee (When J. Edgar Hoover Wore A Dress LP) Apple Tree
MDC: Tofutti (Now More Than Ever LP) MDC
Eastfield: Slam! (Urban Rail Punk LP) Baszdmeg
Dominic Berry: I’m Coming Out As Vegan (Live In The Studio)
Andy Xport: Bite Back (Still Shakin’ the Bush Boss LP) Free Download from mySpace
Rubella Ballet: Belfast (Anti-War Compilation LP) Overground


Dominic Berry
Cathy from Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan Group (MVVG)
Lauren talking about veganic (vegan organic) gardening and allotments

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