2nd June 2011

Gil Scott-Heron -The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Beatnigs -Television (On U Sound Remix)
Selecter -On My Radio
China Shop Bull -People Without Shoes
Roger Whittaker -New World In The Morning
The Day Man Lost -Obey, Consume, Die
Anxiety Attack -DIY Now!
Johann Johannson -The Cause Of Labour Is The Hope Of The World
Three Johns -Coals To Newcastle
Gil Scott-Heron -Running
Poison Girls -Reality Attack
Chomsky Allstars -Over A Barrel
The Cravats -Daddy’s Shoes
Oi Polloi -SS Politician
MEN -Talk About Body -IamSound
The Oppressed -Work Together
NIS -Liberta Senza Colore -Righteous Anger
Roughneck Riot -Ghosts Of The Bay

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