29th September 2011


The Undertones -Here Comes The Summer -Sire
Serious Drinking -Winter’s Over
The Specials -Too Hot -Two Tone
Me First and The Gimme Gimmes -CCC -Fat Wreck Chords
The New Banalists Orchestra featuring Zodiac Youth -Reality Is A Construct
Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns -Do It For Myself
Versificator -But They Still They Ignore –Humane Research Trust Benefit
MDC -South Africa Is Free From Apartheid -R-Radical
Rudimentary Peni -Black President -Outer Himalayan Records
Two Towers featuring Eastborn -Raw Cracked Skullz
Skelptarsiz -Psychotic Ambition -Akracia Records
Zounds -Follow The Money -Overground
The Mekons -Space In Your Face -Sin Records
Gum Takes Tooth -Young Mustard
Reagan Youth -USA
Stinky Toys -Sun Sick
The Slits -Shoplifting
Sick Of It All -Us Vs. Them

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