29th March 2018

Guest presenter Tommy Toot

One Eyed God -Pig Squad
Andy Carrington/Molitov -Live In Session
Chris Butler -International Anthem
Arnocops -Kindergarten Cops
Andy T with Pete Wilson -DIY
Serious Drinking -Winter’s Over
Auto Clave -I’ll Take Your Dreams
Army of Flying Robots -Many Tanks Make Light Work
Imbalance -Common Ancestry
Hawkwind -Kings of Speed
Replacements -Favourite Thing
Spy Vs Spy -Helpless Sign in Please
Finistere -A Hungry Heart
Cravats -There Is No International Rescue
Mend this Tear -My Street Leads Somewhere
Anxiety Attack -Woe Is Me
The Devils -Frying Pan Section Man
Nachtexen -Cheer Up Luv

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