28th November 2013


Crystal Grenade


Gertrude -Nice Work If You Can Get It

Paranoid Visions ( with Steve Ignorant) -Braindance

Crystal Grenade – Chanced (live)

Crystal Grenade -1892 Man (live)

Crystal Grenade – Shape of Things To Come (from Lo & Behold C.D.)

Crystal Grenade – Go Round Twice (live)

The Ex – untitled track from Dignity of Labour

Louis Lingg & the Bombs – Chomsky Changed My Life

Chomsky All Stars – Working Class Zero

Flipper – Ever

Liberation – Look At Us

World Dominatiion Enterprises – Asbestos Lead Asbestos

Police Bast’d – Brought to our Knees

Gertrude – A Message From Dorothy From The Other Side

Fatal Microbes – Violence Grows

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