28th June 2012


Victims Family -Let’s Cancel The Future -Alternative Tentacles
Andy T -? -Live at Salford Anarcho Punk Fair
Endless Rope -Side Effects –http://endlessrope.bandcamp.com
Easterhouse -You’re Gonna Miss It (When It’s Gone) -Rough Trade
Bradford -Greed and Pleasant Land -The Foundation Label
Potential Threat -What’s So Great Britain?
Andy T -? -Live at Salford Anarcho Punk Fair
Post Teens -Fear God
Passion Killers -OK To Go
Chris Butler -No Minister -Sore Thumb Records
THe Destructors -Mud, Mud and More Mud
White Lung -Those Girls
Bootscraper -Who Are You? -TNS Records
Roughneck Riot -This Is Our Day -TNS Records
Mutiny -Abbotsford Co-operative Brewery -Fistolo
The Destroyers -Tuba Song -Transition Records
Parche de Ira -Nada Bien –http://flavors.me/parchedeira
Replica -You Can’t Stop The Weather –http://r-e-p-l-i-c-a.bandcamp.com
White Lung -Bag
The Great Leap Forward -I Catch The Last Bus Home With The Driver of the Flying Scotsman -CommUnique
Oi Polloi -Union Jack? Thall ‘S Cac!
The Oppressed! -Skinhead Times
Autonomads -Fight Dem Back
Andy T -? -Live at Salford Anarcho Punk Fair
Etai Keshiki -391 Ways To Look Amazing –http://etaikeshiki.bandcamp.com
Billie Holliday -Strange Fruit

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