28th June 2007

Matt Monro: We’re Gonna Change The World (The Very Best Of Matt Monro LP) Music For Pleasure
Inner Terrestrials: Off With Their Heads (The Defy ID Vol 1: Benefit Compilation LP)
Rob Gordon: Wake Up (Shine LP)
Andy Shades interview featuring:
Andy Shades: Waving Flags (Live In The Studio)
Andy Shades: Monsters (Live In The Studio)
3 Wise Men: Making Way for China (Live In The Attic LP)
Andy Shades: Let’s Get Refined (Live In The Studio)
Us: Paint A Moustache (The World Before Tomorrow LP)
Alun Parry: Thursday Night Drinking Song (Corridors of Stone LP)
Seize the Day: No One’s Slave (100th Monkey Remix) (It’s Your Life… It’s Our World LP)
Chumbawamba: A Stitch In Time (Get On With It Live LP) No Masters
Rosie Lugosi: Favourite Things (Get Bent Benefit Compilation LP)
Claire Mooney: Stop The War (Good As You LP) Red Records
Dave Hughes: On Our Own (Single)
Willy Mason: Oxygen (Where the Humans Eat LP) Virgin
The Casual Terrorist: Baby I’m An Anarchist (Anarcho Acoustico EP) CD-R
Negativland/ Chumbawamba: The ABCs Of Anarchism (The ABCs Of Anarchism EP) Seeland
Eastfield: Fare Dodging (Urban Rail Punk LP) Baszdmeg
The Living End: Roll On (Roll on LP) Reprise
D.O.A.: General Strike (Punk Rock Singles 1978-99) Sudden Death Records
Al Baker and the Dole Queue: Hello Mr Murdoch (On The Use Of Jack Boots LP) Free Download
Asian Dub Foundation: Memory War (Community Music LP) London

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