28th January 2010

Against Me!: You Look Like I Need a Drink / Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists (The Original CowboyLP) Fat Wreck Chords
The Ex: Double Order (Free Download)
Dead Kennedys: Let’s Lynch the Landlord (Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables LP) Cherry Red
Frank Turner: Try This At Home (Poetry Of The Deed LP) Xtra Mile Recordings
McCarthy: The Well Of Loneliness (I Am A Wallet LP) September
Morrissey: Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness
Shelley’s Children: Everytown (12” Single) Peasant’s Revolt
Sonic Boom Six: Welcome To The City of Thieves (City of Thieves LP) Rebel Alliance
Oi Polloi: Stop Vivisection Now (Anti-Society Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol 3 LP) Overground Records
The Lobotomies: A Band On Hope (Big Bang Hangover LP)
Discharge: Fight Back (Fight Back EP) Clay
Disorder: Over Production (Under The Scalple Blade LP) Disorder Records
Conflict: Meat Means Murder (It’s Time To See Who’s Who LP) Corpus Christi
Le Tigre: LT Tour Theme (Feminist Sweepstakes LP) Le Tigre
Bikini Kill: Suck My Left One (Bikini Kill EP) (Kill Rock Stars)
Minor Threat: Straight Edge (Minor Threat LP) (Dischord)
Anima Mundi: The Sea Shepherd (Anima Mundi LP) Mortarhate
Youth Brigade: Jump Back (Sink With California) BYO
Seize the Day: Ned Ludd (All Hands That Are Ready LP)
Ewan MacColl: Ballad of Accounting (Black and White: The Definitive Collection LP) Cooking Vinyl
Zounds: Go All The Way (For The USA) (Go All The Way EP)
Ray Hearne: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (The Wrong Sunshine LP) No Masters
Alistair Hulett: Riches and Rags (Riches and Rags LP) Red Rattler (Buy from Four Dogs Music)
Track for Thatcher’s Dispatch
The Levellers: Another Man’s War
Dave Hughes and The Renegade Folk Punk Band: The Sinners And The Saints (Sinners and Saints LP)Download Full Album Here

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