26th May 2011

Lea from Manchester Zapatista Solidarity Group
Email: manchester.zapatista.solidarity@gmail.com
Web: http://ukzapatistas.wordpress.com

Kortau -Nicaragua Sandinista
Robb Johnson -Zapatista Coffee -Irregular Records
Panteon Rococo -La Carencia -Ubersee Records
Manu Chao -Luna Y Sol -Ark 21
Saul Williams -September 12th -Ninja Tune
The Plugz -Revolution
Sonic Boom Six -Ya Basta!
Crass -Birth Control Rock n Roll -Crassical Collection
Anarka and Poppy -If It Dies We Die -Overground Records
Johan Johanson -Freedom From Want And Fear -130701
MDC -Someone’s Behind You Again
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros -Arms Aloft
Sham 69 -George Davis Is Innocent
NIS -Liberta Senza Colore -Righteous Anger Records
Warpath -In The Spread Of Madness -Righteous Anger Records

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