26th March 2020


Andy talking about this year’s cancelled Manchester Punk Festival


Commoners Choir -Spinning Home

Speed Dinosaurs -Stegasaurids

Waco Brothers -I fought the law

Epoxies -Walk the Streets

Daves – Mistakes

Cocaine Piss – Eat The Rich

Brassick – Life Best Spent

Sleaford Mods -Jobseeker

Crass -Bloody Revolutions

Pulp -Something’s Changed

Terveet Kadet -Lihan Ilot

Jez Sings Thing -My Friends

The Handsome Family -Cathedrals

John Langford -I am a big town

Subhumans -Supermarket Forces

Raincoats -Fairytale in a Supermarket

The Organ -Memorise The City

JAR VIS… -House Music All Night Long

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