26th June 2006

Mark Stewart: Radio Freedom (Kiss The Future LP) Soul Jazz
Cuckooland: Radio Friendly (Banga-Boom-Boom LP) Damaged Goods
Yo Yo Mundi: Sciopero (Sciopero LP) Mescal
The Groundhogs: Cherry Red
Dropkick Murphys: Green Fields of France (The Warriors Code LP) Hellcat
Who is Elmo Blatch: Sometimes I Wish that You were Dead (EP) Free Download
Fifth Amendment: Camera Shy (Fifth Amendment LP) One Little Indian
Robb Johnson: Be Reasonable Demand The Impossible (A Beginner’s Guide LP) Irregular
Le Tigre: On the Verge (This Island LP) Universal
Against Me: Baby I’m An Anarchist (Reinventing Axl Rose LP) No Idea
Hefner: The Day That Thatcher Died (We Love The City LP) Too Pure
Morrissey: Margaret On the Guilllotine (Viva Hate LP) Parlophone
Claire Mooney: Ordinary Rebel (Ordinary Rebel LP) Red Records
I Object: Teaching Revenge (Teaching revenge LP) Alternative Tentacles
Al Baker: Hello Mr Murdoch (Hearts and Minds EP) Free Download
Orbital: Counting On New Friends (The Fire This Time LP) Hidden Art
Seize the Day: Motorway Song (It’s Your Life… It’s Our World LP)
Asian Dub Foundation: Fortress Europe (Adrian Sherwood Remix) (Single) Labels/ Virgin

Campaign Against ID Cards
Useful links:
Defy ID
Defy ID Nottingham
Anarchist Federation North
(Download a copy of Defending Anonymity Pamphlet)
London Class War

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