26th July 2012


D.O.A. featuring Jello Biafra -We Occupy -Sudden Death Records
The Gashers -Occupy -Squid Hat Records
Athletico Spizz 80 -Red and Black
Sportchestra -Fun In Games -Agit Prop
Citizen Fish -Free Speech -Bluurg/ Alternative Tentacles
Skunk Anansie -I Believed In You
Ana Trash (AKA Boom Boom Trash) -Better Than Me
1 Speed Bike -Shoving The Guardian Up My Ass While Binge Drinking With A Hoodie On -Broklyn Beats
Anti-Flag -Nothing Recedes Like Progress
Jello Biafra With D.O.A. -Progress
D.O.A. -General Strike (Acoustic Version) -Sudden Death Records
Kaptn Awesome -Deconstruct
Lilidollrage -Hateful Than Your Smile
Crass -Punk Is Dead -Crassical Collection
The Cravats -When Will We Fall -Overground Records
The System -Their Decisions -Overground Records
Alice Donut -Diet Cola Syringe


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